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Mobile Beer Canning Los Angeles

Why Case by Case?

You already know you want to can, hell, you need to can.  It’s lighter, it’s stronger and it’s more portable.  You already know that it’s going to open an entire world of distribution.  It’s all around fantastic and we’d love to help.  With a significant investment, loss of brewery floor space and the necessity for additional highly trained personnel, in-house canning is not a small undertaking.  CBCC will depalletize, twist rinse, fill, seam, rinse and dry.  We’re here to handle the logistics so you can focus on the beer. 

You can read a little bit more about who we are personally here.  Essentially, we’re beer lovers who will work tirelessly to get you where you need to be… ready for market.  

But we’re just the people behind the seams.  The star of this operation is our technology. 


... Codi

The Codi CCL-45 is a closed fill craft beer beast with a top speed of fifty cans per minute.  It utilizes technology only found in large rotary systems, scaled down for a mobile canning line.  Codi handles it all: a pre-canning Clean In Place with 180 degree water and caustic chemicals leaves no chance for cross contamination; counter pressurizing the can, evacuating harmful oxygen; fills, limiting spillage and loss; further limits dissolved oxygen with a CO2 can purge, bubble breaker and under lid gassing; seams faster than it fills, eliminating queue time.  

... Seams

Obviously seams are incredibly important to a canner and we keep our eyes on them all day.  We’ll be testing seams at the beginning and end of each run to ensure cans are landing within manufacturers specifications.

... DO Tester

DO is the worst.  We understand that Dissolved Oxygen is high on your list of concerns, it's on ours too.   We'll run a test on the brite before we begin canning and on one can while we're running to take the guesswork out of oxygen. 

... Printer

Most people just want to print dates on the bottom of cans, and that’s cool. But you can print whatever you want.  Our heavy duty printer can handle dates, bar codes, data matrixes and even logos.    

We’d love to chat with you about the equipment, the process and all about Case by Case.  Shoot us an email and let’s talk.