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Mobile canning For the Meticulous Brewer

Case By Case Canning was born from a love of craft beer. But years of mediocre homebrew proved that our future wasn’t in creation.  We want what you make.  So we set out to provide a full service packaging option to get craft beer from tanks to cans for painless distribution.

 We know it takes a lot of trust to hand over your product to a canner and we look forward to earning that trust.  It’s our goal to make your product portable, while maintaining the exceptional quality you’ve worked so hard for.  We’re a small family business, and are so looking forward to joining your family.


Chris Hazel

Chris has spent his adulthood creating countless hours of television, renovating old houses and drinking great beer.  From that first sip of a warm domestic lager (ok, maybe not all of it great beer), he fell in love… with the flavor and then with the craft.  His television career took him all over the country, introducing him to small breweries and big flavors.  But it was his friends and local bottle shops that expanded his horizons and really educated him on the the beer world.  His own feeble attempts at brewing only solidified his appreciation for the craft.  He’s passionate about getting more great beer into more enthusiastic hands and thrilled to be part of the process. He’s a Double IPA guy, through and through. 


           Jordana hazel

Chris is the mechanics of the operation.  He’ll talk with you about dissolved oxygen and seam integrity all day long.  But Jordana keeps everything else afloat.  After launching and running a successful photography business for the past decade, she handles the day-to-day needs of our clients.  Jordana has an eye for the smallest detail and is with you for every step of the process.  Originally more of a rosé-all-day type, Jordana is falling down the rabbit hole of great craft beer and loving every hop along the way.  She recently graduated from wheat beers to IPAs.